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Christine Lunday


Christine Lunday is an internationally published Art Director based in Southern California who specializes in Fashion & Creative Projects. After obtaining a degree in Fashion Design from FIDM in 2004, she went entered a six-year stint in the retail arena where she gained styling, fashion merchandising and visual display skills.

​Christine’s creative work took on another facet in 2010 when she took on the role of art director and began directing her own creative shoots. Through unyielding persistence and perseverance, her work began to emerge the pages of various indie art and fashion magazines all over the world. Her tremendous attention to detail, extreme dedication and undying appreciation for bazaar talent, as well as overwhelming help from her team of hand-selected experts have afforded her the opportunity to live out her artistic path.

In May 2013, Christine sought out new challenges, which ultimately lead her to co-creating deVour Magazine. After two and a half years of exploring the publication world with this dark aesthetic art, it was time for Christine to expand her creative outlet into something more meaningful to her as an individual. Her vision was to bring awareness to mental illness and body positivity through artistic expression, as these are topics she is passionate about. “I used art

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to cope with my own mental illness,” Lunday discusses. “I want people to know that they are not alone and they can use art to find themselves again.” Lunday did not want this work to just “look pretty” but instead be used as a platform to help people on their journey of stepping into their truth.

On January 15th, 2016, VOLITION Magazine was born. “A conglomerate of high fashion and art with a bit of weird.”, the founder and creator describes. As Editor, she feels it's important to use the platform she built to bring light to topics she feels passionately about such as, body positivity. VOLITION holds submission calls twice a year, Spring and Fall, for the fully dedicated editions to beautiful bodies of all shapes, sizes and colors. "I find abnormalities and unique features to be stunning. I detest "normal". Be it freckles, stretch marks, body modification, unconventional features, plus size, older models, androgynous/transgender, bald, men in makeup/drag or anyone that is different is welcome to submit and show us what our theme means to you. Full creative freedom, so have at it." Lunday states. The latest Body Positivity issue was released March 2018 with four vibrant covers featuring four very diverse walks of life. Not only is this issue being accepted for its beauty but this is her favorite edition yet. 

2018 marks the beginning of her third year at the helm. With successes such as two National TV appearances in 2017, she's actively working on ideas to top that for this year. 



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Alexander McQueen

Iris van Herpen

Tim Walker

Nick Knight

Mert & Marcus

Miles Aldridge

Gareth Pugh


- 222

- Self Taught Artist

- Empath/Animal Lover

- Favorite Food : TACOS!

- Favorite Flower : Stargazer Lilies

- Collects taxidermy and obscure antiques

- Quote tattooed on right arm reads, "Storms make trees take deeper roots."

- Other Artistic abilities include :  sewing(garment/accessory construction), 

jewelry design, crocheting, quilting, painting (acrylics), drawing (charcoals/pastels)...

Life events :

- Biological father abandoned Christine as a baby. In and out sparingly until she was 14. Down the road, she was adopted by her step dad at 8 yrs old

- She experienced emotional torment from other students as well as being bullied growing up. Christine was a very quiet, shy kid, straight A student and always was creating - multiple projects at once

- At an early age, she started to hear from teachers that they noticed how naturally talented she was in the arts...

- Family moved during Christine's freshman year triggered a downward emotional and mental state. At  14-15, she knew what she was experiencing was DEPRESSION but only after recognizing some of the same feelings in herself as a young girl, 11 or  so. She struggled off and on. 

- Right after high school, she attended FIDM in fall of 2002. Christine graduated with an AA in Fashion Design in summer 2004. She explains her college experience as "A NIGHTMARE." She was traumatized and found it hard to be creative or want to work with her hands because of the bad taste she was left with. Christine was reluctant to be creative over the next six years.


- Fall of 2004, she dove head first into the retail industry. Starting at seasonal sales and worked to become a visual merchandiser. This run lasted six years and she learned a lot of valuable knowledge but there also was another lesson that would soon surface.... Christine had her first drink at age 21. Soon after, the random celebrations with co-workers or friends, it turned into weekly traditions and soon became an all consuming obsession. "Hi. I'm Christine, I'm an alcoholic..."


- If she remembers back to what triggered her downward spiral, this time, was the death of her beloved Grandpa (mom's dad), her biggest supporter and favorite person. He passed away the day before her 21st birthday.  She was the last person he spoke to. #222

- At 21, and after the passing of the love of her life, her Grandpa, Christine started self medicating with alcohol, partying and making bad decisions. Her luck run out when she managed 2 DUI's in 9 months, doing jail time, and being put into residential treatment for 60 days. Christine spent her 26th birthday in rehab. She wasn't ready to face the pain she was

running from or all the trauma and abandonment she felt but she was at this point in her life for a reason. She, so strongly, always believed that. She worked on herself and at times, she felt she couldn't go further but she focused and  managed. Christine ripped open her old wounds to heal herself properly and to change her life for the better. It was in rehab, at 25, she was finally officially diagnosed with depression. Such a relief to have someone believe you. Christine worked hard in and outside of those treatment walls. She needed to overcome this and she did. 

- She moved home, summer of 2010, and remained sober for two years. On her downtime, during treatment, Christine got back into making jewelry. She stock piled piece after piece. When she looks back, all she thinks is, "Art saved my life." It was during this time in her life where she met another artist that soon became her creative partner in collaborations. Art was a healthy focus for Christine to put her free time into. She picked everything up like she never left it. 

- End of Summer 2010, after designing for the last few months she planned and executed her first photo shoot in Granada Hills (LA) with a photographer she knew from work, her best friend and the crew she booked. The team shot in 106 degree heat for 10 hours. It was fun and challenging and that was all the taste she needed to go full speed ahead. From there the concepts turned into more photo shoots.... Her next goal was to get her teams work published. Successful most of the time, she also noticed there weren't many outlets to share her work with because of her "outside of the box" artistic taste. Christine continued to shoot and get their work published but she wasn't fully satisfied so she started to brainstorm 


- After much thought and pure passion fueling her, she came together with a few creatives and birthed deVour Magazine fall of 2013. She was Creative Director of the brand for 2.5  years before it was time to move on. That project was nothing but trial and error and everything she ever wanted. deVour closed its doors Dec. 1st, 2015.

- Christine refocused and regrouped fall of 2015 but didn't skip a beat. She wasn't going to be held back any longer. She officially  announced the launch of VOLITION, Jan 2016 . Her first issue was released Jan 15th and remains the driving force no matter what is going on in her life. VOLITION is a ONE WOMAN operation and with much sacrifice, time and effort she believes the brand is gaining strength and is grateful for all the support.

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