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Coco & Max is an independent fashion label, established in Melbourne 2015, by Tessa Arnold (AUS) womenswear, and Andrew Pope (UK) menswear. With over 16 years designing in the clubwear industry, their vision is to create a premium brand that pushes the boundaries aesthetically, reinforcing the importance of originality and self-expression.

They are best known for their innovative approach to pattern cutting and in-house graphic prints - Coco's bold leisurewear plays with vibrant pop colour, in dynamic contrast to Max's brutalist streetwear in monochromatic hues. Not only is it made from top quality sports fabrics to give you functional comfort, but they also care about the carbon foot prints we leave on this planet, so everything is ethically manufactured in the heart of Melbourne, all in limited edition collections.

“We want to encourage people to buy great quality pieces designed to last through every season, and believe that we should all embrace and be proud to be different, and express this through our clothing.

Every garment I design is to have multiple functionality, keeping up to date with the speed of living. All garments are made out of top notch sports fabric, to be worn from dawn till disco. So wether you're going for a 10k run, chasing your 2 year old around, back from a festival, or just lounging, you'll radiate standing out in comfort and style. Never follow trends – always make your own”

Their latest collection was launched as part of Melbourne Fashion Week, Offsite Runways, a multidisciplinary exhibition blurring the line between fashion and art:

Delve into Coco's dreamscape of the chaotic future we're headed for FUTURE CHAOS. Sculptural swirls highlight an energetic optimism for our future, reflecting the new wave of riding the storm - colourful prints and the new leisurewear collection is all at your fingertips. Let your imagination go and open your mind to the wild side, the new era of futuristic flower power is here – Every petal makes a difference.

FUTURE WILD - Immerse yourselves into Max’s dark surreal exploration of how the worlds of nature, human technology and the supernatural collide in our future, captured and preserved in a futuristic style of entomology. These new creations have manifested themselves upon a collection of classic streetwear silhouettes, heavily influenced by the aesthetics of brutalism and it’s unapologetic truth to materials,
geometry and functionality. The amalgamation of these two ideologies has resulted in the creation of Max's latest collection.

The brand works like yin and yan - two universes of light and dark, surreal pop x brutalist futurism –

Enjoy! XXX

Check out their latest collection at: www.cocoandmax.com.au

IG @cocoandmaxmelbourne