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DIESEL felt passionately about reclaiming traditionally hurtful words and phrases and re-utilising them in an empowering way. Through fashion Haute Couture aims to disempower hate and inspire everyone to join the revolution and disempower hate by owning it. DIESEL collaborated with several celebrities who have experienced bullying and hateful comments. Some of the celebrities who have jumped on board with the ambitious anti-bullying campaign are Gucci Mane (Rapper), Barbie Ferreria (Model) , Miles Heizer (Actor, 13 Reasons Why), Bella Thorne (Actor, Singer, Dancer) to name just a few.  


Celebrities were asked to choose a hateful comment they had received to turn into a piece for the collection. By reclaiming these hateful and hurtful words we can play a significant role in cultivating identity and facilitating conversations about rights. Through countering the act of being called a SL*T, a THOT, an IMPOSTER, a WEIRDO or a FA**OT and re-appropriating these words and combating hate and owning them, DIESEL Haute Couture attempts to expose the hate we all get, flip it with irony and irreverence and take the power back from these words.


Bella Thorne was labelled as a sl*t. 

Miles Heizer was called a weirdo. 

Barbie Ferriera was called constantly called fat. 

Side note: Diesel is not looking to promote an offensive word for the sake of being outrageous. Haute Couture stems from flipping the idea of hateful language and owning who you are. These celebrities are all wearing hateful comments that haven’t stopped them from being successful or living their lives.