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Dirty French Girl is a British brand that supports other British businesses.

Associating traditional materials with modern techniques and working closely

with other British manufacturers, Chloe Mellen and DFG support British trade

whilst creating beautiful tongue in cheek jewellery.


But DFG is so much more than just jewellery. An aspiring lifestyle brand, Dirty French Girl also provides merchandise such as snoods, sells illustrations and drawn to order posters , and of course bespoke jewellery.


Enamoured with the fetish party scene, DFG is inspired by Torture garden, their events and what they stand for: somewhere everyone is beautiful, accepted and there is no judgement. Just like TG, DFG wants to stand for diversity and acceptance. “Providing something every-body from any age group (18-60+), sexual orientation and gender. Creating an environment that accepts and encourages individualism, diversity and free self-expression.” (quote from TG website).



Dirty French Girl is a lifestyle brand born from Chloe Mellen’s love of art, design, martial arts, and influenced by her curiosity of all that is sexy and taboo. Raised in oxford to a French mother and British father, DFG combines the best of both : French sexuality with British distinction.

Chloe’s inspiration for DFG is the erotic and fetish party scene, martial arts, and artists such as Egon Schiele.

With a quirky sense of creativity, DFG gives life to bold idiosyncratic jewellery imbued with a cheeky twist, hoping to create a world where fetishistic eroticism and high end jewellery can meet.

By inventing unique signature jewellery, Chloe playfully blurs the lines between taboo  and social acceptance to reimagine the way jewellery is designed. Dirty French Girl creates pieces for the customer who dares to be shameless and bold, so they can discreetly fly their kinkster flag in everyday life.

Always looking ahead, Chloe is already coming up with her next collection... is it jewellery? Is it a sex toy? Follow us on Facebook and Instagram (Dirty French Girl) to find out.


Before Dirty French Girl, there was CJM.


Chloe created CJM straight out of Central Saint Martins, fresh off graduating her bachelors degree in Jewellery design. Like many things, practise makes perfect, and CJM eventually turned into DFG- Dirty French Girl.


Chloe’s designs have always been big and bold. CJM already had a few fetishistic undertones, but Chloe was still finding herself as a designer.


Time went on, and Chloe found that her favourite designs, and those that pleased the public the most, were her cheekily erotic jewellery pieces. They were like marmite, you either loved them or you hated them. They created fun conversations and stuck in peoples minds. Chloe expanded on the idea and so CJM became Dirty French Girl, and a new brand was born.


DFG’s already has some fabulous brand ambassadors. The beautiful and seducitve model, actress and opera singing showgirl Valis Volkova. The fabulous  unicorn, alien and idealist King of Drag Cheddar Gorgeous. And the alluringly tantalizing queer, feminist, Australian born London based dominatrix Miss Bliss.