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Designer Esther Bancel lived and grew up in the countryside, in a family that has always made sure that she became a model of a little girl, with many traditional values and all the prohibitions that this entails. 


As a little girl, she often imagined what all these restrictions might look like; she drew them, she painted them...


Then one day Esther came across a show about cabinets of curiosities. She was fascinated because it represented this non-conformist world to which she had never had access. It was right after this that Esther thought about creating her own world, a mixture of traditional roots and the non-conformist world that she admired.


Today, she is committed to spreading a universe made up of people who are free to be whom they really are, free to express their dualities, like her. 


This world is gigantic and she likes to stage it through her creations, the characters she makes... every day, it comes to life the way she imagined and felt it. Esther wants to dedicate the rest of her life to creating this world with all those who want to be part of it! 


Underground cultures have a strong impact on Esther Bancel's creations. She is dedicated to people who feel free enough to become what they should be. It's a tribute to the underground cultures in which we've flourished. It is with them that we have found freedom and tolerance, the two values that we want to defend.


Esther created the brand's first piece of clothing with a desire for a genderless label. Esther wants the wearer to experience the freedom to sport her creations without the questioning of gender.  

By ignoring the boundaries between men and women, the classical and the unconventional, we find ourselves. We adopt a posture of resistance to the norm, we choose our own way of life, far from the dominant fashion culture.


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Photographer: Mickael Gomes / www.mickaelgomes.com/ IG @mickaelgomesfr

Model: Evan Théophile / IG @bouhyachaka

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Model: François Xavier / IG @leoninecrucifer

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