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Make sure you have the minimum number of images required. VOLITION asks for at least 8 because the smallest spread given is 6 pages. I love options so I may ask to see more from your set. The more images I have access to usually results in a more creative layout. 


VOLITION is an "art book" style publication and story line is key! I want your story to unfold with each turn of a page. Your story must progress smoothly between looks under one central theme.


Please keep in mind that you are editing the set as a whole and not as individual images. The editing is the polish or cherry on top of your set. It can make or break your chances of getting a print or online publication offer. Edit to compliment your set, do not over edit the skin, and pay attention to detail. Keep quality control in mind.


The images you choose to edit and present speak volumes. A set of great looking images does not translate into an editorial. Select your proofs wisely before editing and make sure you ​have the story line in mind. Again, I may ask for the unedited proofs of your shoot to review and fill in any holes I see in the original submission. Im looking for a variety of poses, expressions, crops, angles and compositions to build you a beautiful spread.


Work with an experienced creative team, if possible. You want your set to shine so your team's skill set should as well. 


Select your muse carefully. Your model needs to be able to portray your vision and sell the story line with their poses, facial expressions, movements, etc. Be mindful that everyone on your team should be on the same page.


Firstly....research, research, RESEARCH! Know your aesthetic as an artist and the brands you choose to aim for. Then, mindfully, send out your set to magazines that are in line with that feel/theme/presence. It also helps greatly if you read the submission guidelines as each magazine is formatted differently. The guidelines are set up so that the submission process runs smoothly and efficiently for the Editor.  I manage 25+ teams for any given issue and it becomes very stressful to chase down things that were carelessly overlooked. DO NOT SEND MASS SUBMISSION EMAILS! Fellow Editors and I find them so impersonal and its hard to connect to your set when it appears you just want your images published anywhere. I run this project with passion and respect for all my contributors so its noticed when you do the same. 


Send your info and images in the EXACT format requested. VOLITION's formatting and details are located on the release form you receive when your set is accepted. These dimensions are pertinent to efficient work flow and exporting process. I will ask you once to correct the errors, if you do not follow up, your editorial will be pulled.


Please do not ask for a cover. ALL accepted submissions will be considered for cover and chosen AFTER deadline closes. If interested in paid cover packages, email me for more details. Multiple cover slots are now open for each 2019 issue.


It is best to keep the publication up to date with information regarding your accepted images. If something comes up where you need to pull the set, you have decided to publish elsewhere or have any questions regarding when to post behind the scenes etc, Please connect ASAP. I rather hear your news from you or answer any questions directly.... always. I do keep a vast creative network and I have found sets accepted by VOLITION on social media prior to the agreed release date. In these cases, I will have to void my print offer. I understand things happen and I am more than happy to be flexible if Im in the loop.