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UY Studios is a Berlin based fashion label and art collective founded in 2013 by Idan Gilony & Fanny Lawaetz. UY represent a mix of Middle East & Scandinavian culture.

At UY there is no aesthetic division between him and her, old and young and no label to their garments or themselves. Therefore the collections are not labelled according to season, time or gender. The main focus of UY’s aesthetics is its minimalistic silhouette with clean lines, original cuts and interesting shapes. We have an unchanging tone of color and futuristic approach.


This collection was designed by our head designer Fanny Lawaetz and represents a new spirit. Our label was built around the nightlife scene here in Berlin, It’s where we united and was our the main inspiration when starting the label. Our latest collection represents the growth we’ve undergone over the past 5 years. We’ve deconstructed our look and rebuilt with a mature approach while keeping our aesthetics alive. We’ve gone offbeat by evolving our palette, infusing a deep red into this collection. Our futuristic, clean cuts and silhouette ethos are still vivid. The line is complemented with hats, hoods and gloves, each retaining that discipline signature cut.

Photographer: Tom Kleinschmidt @tomkleins

MUAH: MINE @minestudio.berlin

Stylist: @hallafarhat